Production, packaging and outsourcing

[column width=»2/3″ place=»first»][headline] Production, quality and packaging [/headline]
Since we know logistics is a comprehensive service, we offer production and quality operations to our clients, services with great added value. Our services include:

  • Assemblages. To join several parts according to the client’s demands or mounting auxiliary parts.
  • Repackaging. Intended for protecting transported objects or for other reasons.
  • Reworks. Participating in the creation of a design or product according to given specifications.
  • Quality wall. Doing the check-up of each component to confirm that they meet quality standards.
  • Packaging. Including packaging goods with issuance of documents, shipment labelling and repackaging.

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[column width=»2/3″ place=»first»][headline] Outsourcing on customers premises [/headline]
In order to relieve our clients from the stress of supporting a permanent structure and oversized cost, we provide employees to work in their facilities when peak workloads occur.
Thus, we minimize fixed costs by making them variable costs.
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