Warehousing & Customs Warehousing

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We can provide up to 70,000m2 of warehouses in different locations in Spain for the reception, registry and storage of goods.
Our warehouses are equipped with loading docks, a gantry cranes up to 3.2 tons, cold room and adaptable steel shelves for any type of goods.
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One of our warehouses in Valencia has both warehousing permits for imports and exports. Likewise, our workforce has staff specialised in this type of proceedings. The client also has the advantage of a powerful computer system that allows them to know -from a remote location and in real time- their inventories.

Customs Warehousing

Very interesting for importing goods outside the EU. It allows to:

  • Postpone tariffs and VAT payments until the goods dispatch for selling.
  • Indefinite storage of goods that are from outside the EU.
  • Re-export goods from outside the EU to a third country without paying tariffs and VAT.

Warehousing Arrangements Other than Customs Warehousing
Interesting for community goods from the export standpoint and especially suitable for resale. It allows to:

  • Link community goods or with community status (paid tariff).
  • Not pay VAT until the imported goods are dispatched.

In both cases, the client may:

  • Storage the goods without time limits.
  • Perform partial shipments.
  • Carry out handlings in the warehouse.

Have complete control over the location of the goods in our warehouses under the strictest measures.
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